Interesting Websites

Apr. 01, 2023

On this page we will be sharing interesting/helpful websites we find from across the internet. Found a site you think we should add? Email us!

Victor Kerlow Shares His Experience Being New in Canada

Find his article in Maclean's magazine where you can learn more about his journey or, if you're new to Canada, find resources he shares.

Made in Local Shops

"Ryan Corry created to cater to Alberta shoppers and support local businesses when they needed it most." See the full news article here.

Free Mental Health and Parenting Webinars by AHS

In response to the global pandemic, the Alberta Health Services Children, Youth and Families - Addiction and Mental Health Caregiver Education Team is proud to offer free mental health programming for parents and caregivers of children and youth through their partnership with the Mental Health Foundation. You can view the free online courses by clicking here!

Alberta Newcomers: How-To & Smart Tips Video Series

Immigrant Services Calgary are making a How-to & Smart Tips Video Series. These videos are story-based informational videos for immigrants; many of the videos include topics of interest to all Albertans. They can be found at:
The videos are translated and subtitled into 7 languages: Farsi, French, Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Hindi and Tigrinya. Visit the YouTube channel containing playlists for each language:

Legal Line

Legal Line provides easy-to-understand legal answers written in plain language. Legal Line is a Federal not-for-profit organization providing access to Canadian laws since 1993. Educating the public about the law is a necessary step in advancing Access to Justice. Visit for answers to over 2,100 legal questions along with links to experts such as lawyers, paralegals, government offices, and other professionals.