Walking Poles

with Urban Poling

10 pairs of walking poles by Urban Poling are now available to borrow from the library!

When lending these poles

The library asks you to review and sign this form, which is also available at the front desk.

How to Set Up Urban Poles
Nordic Walking

BPL uses Series 300 Fitness Poles

Curious about the walking pole workout? Urban poling (also known as Nordic walking)—think cross-country skiing without the skis—has toning, calorie-burning and posture benefits that have made it popular in Europe for decades and a new workout favorite in Canada. Just grab your poles and go—no need for a pricey spandex outfit or a fancy gym membership, just your library card!

Urban Poling is a great way of enhancing your walking activities. It allows for a total body workout, engaging 90% of your muscles, therefore improving energy expenditure and your body’s natural ability to burn fat.

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