LEGO Clubs

Welcome to the world of LEGO at BPL

Barrhead Public Library has everything you need for unlimited LEGO fun. Stop-in anytime and create with our hundreds of pounds of LEGO, see cool M.O.C.'s(My Own Creations) from club members on display, play LEGO video games, or join our LEGO clubs! Everything is awesome at BPL!

LEGO to the Library Club

Every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. you are invited to join our LEGO Club. Each week has fun activities with kids of all ages. Building challenges, learning advanced techniques (S.N.O.T.S!), teambuilding, and more! What do you need to join? Just attend and ensure a member of your family has a library card. 

LEGO Robotics (Next meets Nov. 24)

Robotic Club meets every second Friday of a month to explore everything LEGO Robotics. Join us as we learn the EV3 programming language with scratch, design robots to solve challenges, and prepare for LEGO First League competitions.
Need to know more? Send us a message! is a desktop application that allows users to build LEGO models using virtual parts. Users will have the freedom to build anything they want with any LEGO part. Build, render, and create instructions... Watch as your bricks clutch, hinge, and clip to each other helping you design anything with LEGO!