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Spring Break 2021 LEGO Build Challenge.

We want to build a LEGO farm!!

Our challenge to the community this spring break is to help us build the "Farm of Barrhead" out of LEGO. Until Thursday, April 15th you may drop-off an addition to the 'Farm of Barrhead' either using your own LEGO or LEGO borrowed from Barrhead Public Library. Add a little or a lot to our farm, however please no more than 30x30 studs in size! We'll add your contribution to our display, take down your name, and enter you to win a fabulous LEGO prize! Anyone who builds something will get a type of LEGO surprise! It's just that fun & easy!

Pre-weighed cups of LEGO will be able to be borrowed from BPL starting Monday, March 29th. This LEGO must be returned in it's entirety, but you and your family may take them home to build your contribution to the 'Farm of Barrhead'! Disclaimer: When submitting a LEGO display using your own LEGO, the library will ensure the proper care of that LEGO to the best of our ability. Barrhead Public Library is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged LEGO while in our care. LEGO prizes will be provided at the conclusion of our display. Limit one prize per person. If you are unable to display your submission at the library, you may supply us with a photo to still be eligible for a prize, you must be able to pick-up your prize to receive one. Prizes can be picked up after Thursday, April 15th.

Need to check-out LEGO?

Cups of LEGO weighing 350g each (cup included) may be borrowed from the library for the duration of this challenge. All this LEGO is expected to be returned to the library, in its entirety. through a submission and/or LEGO in the cup by April 15th. You may be held financially responsible to replace un-returned LEGO equal to our replacement expense. Please, DO NOT mix LEGO cups of different color pallets if you borrow multiple cups. Please, DO NOT mix LEGO from the cups with LEGO of your own. You must have a membership in good standing to borrow a cup(s) of LEGO.

Need inspiration?

We found these LEGO farm designs (view the entire playlist by clicking here!):

The end is the final page of a book. In LEGO, it's not a thing.John Comley

Due to COVID-19 we are currently not offering weekly LEGO programming. When we resume the schedule and theme will be posted here!

LEGO Date/Time Description of the day's LEGO activities or challenges BPL LEGO Points to earn
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