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Welcome to the world of LEGO at Barrhead Public Library!

December 2021 - 12 Days of LEGO Challenge

🎄December begins the 12 days of LEGO Christmas!!🎄

Get into the spirit of the holiday by making ornaments out of LEGO! #BuildtoGive from LEGO is back, and this year you're challenged to make ✨stars🌟! Follow the instructions and beginning December 8th the library will give away a wrapped LEGO 🎁 gift, every day for twelve days!
If you need, LEGO is available to be checked out with your membership!

After making an ornament, share it online with the hashtag #BuildtoGive and help LEGO give a set to children in need! If you also tag Barrhead Public Library you'll be entered in the draw to win wrapped LEGO presents! You may also share your creations here or by emailing

You must be able to pickup your prize from Barrhead Public Library.

The end is the final page of a book. In LEGO, it's not a thing.John Comley

Bricklink's LEGO Software is a desktop application that allows users to build LEGO models using virtual parts. Users will have the freedom to build anything they want with any LEGO part. Build, render, and create instructions... Watch as your bricks clutch, hinge, and clip to each other helping you design anything with LEGO!

May LEGO/Reading Challenge Recap:

To celebrate May 4th (Star Wars day) and May 2nd (Harry Potter day) we asked you to explore Science Fiction & Fantasy by building a LEGO display or reading a book! In May we got kids and families to read 215 books & received dozens of unique LEGO builds! Stay tuned for photos!

Spring Break 2021 LEGO Build Challenge Recap:

Due to COVID-19 we are currently not offering weekly LEGO programming. When we resume the schedule and theme will be posted here!

LEGO Date/Time Description of the day's LEGO activities or challenges BPL LEGO Points to earn
To be determined Something fun! 0
To be determined Something imaginative!! 0
To be determined Something challenging!!! 0