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Holiday Moments LEGO Vignette Challenge - Until Dec. 3rd

Sanderman's Home Hardware and Barrhead Public Library are inviting you to share your holiday moment vignette style! Now until Dec. 3rd you may pick-up a special polybag to make a LEGO base for your vignette. Then make a holiday moment scene with a maximum height of 7 bricks, bring your creation to BPL, and you're entered!

View the instructions to build your vignette base HERE.

What is a Vignette? A small visual creation without a typical border. In the LEGO world, a vignette is showing a scene with two walls letting the view 'look inside' For this holiday moments challenge we're asking you to make a vignette in our specific style which will allow us to create a Christmas scene this holiday season!

There are several prizes up for grabs. Each employee of Sandermans Home Hardware will select their favorite Holiday Moment and that design wins! Two grand prizes are up for grabs which will be selected by BPL's Kyle Hughes and Sandermans owner Dave Sawatzky.

Welcome to the world of LEGO at Barrhead Public Library!

November 21-27th is Canada History Week. This month's LEGO challenge reflects 2022's theme of🎨 Arts, 🎭Culture, and 🤹‍♀️Creators.

Make any kind of LEGO display this November that celebrates Canadian arts, its culture, or its creators. Recreate a piece of art in LEGO by your favorite Canadian painter or musician. Display a scene from a moment in history using LEGO. Or build a homage to a Canadian creator, whether it's a street performer or your favorite Youtuber!

Send us a photo of your creation with a description of what it represents on Instagram, Facebook, or Email by end of day Wednesday, November 30th. History lovers from Barrhead's community will select three winning creations. You must be able to pick up your prize at the library if won.

Join the LEGO Club - Wednesday's after School! 3:30-4:30PM

Join the Barrhead Public Library LEGO Club where we will be having monthly challenges, building goals, learning new techniques, earning free LEGO, meeting LEGO creators & more!! To join the LEGO Club all you need is a library card, if you're under 13 years old a card is free with your parent/guardian permission, and you will be given a LEGO passport to keep track of how active you are in the club. Also, you'll be given a nametag of LEGO to showoff!!

The more you attend the more you'll be exposed to in the world of LEGO! Each year the library will be giving away sets large & small from our supply of donates sets from A.F.O.L. users around the area. Most frequent members will get the more bigger sets! 

There is a lot of fun being planned. Join today by stopping by the BPL LEGO Club Wednesday's from 3:30-4:30PM.

Want to stay up to-date on everything happening? Follow along with the library on Instagram, Facebook, or by emailing to be included in eBlasts of upcoming activities.

The end is the final page of a book. In LEGO, it's not a thing.John Comley

Bricklink's LEGO Software is a desktop application that allows users to build LEGO models using virtual parts. Users will have the freedom to build anything they want with any LEGO part. Build, render, and create instructions... Watch as your bricks clutch, hinge, and clip to each other helping you design anything with LEGO!

🎄Recap the 12 days of LEGO Christmas!!🎄

May LEGO/Reading Challenge Recap:

To celebrate May 4th (Star Wars day) and May 2nd (Harry Potter day) we asked you to explore Science Fiction & Fantasy by building a LEGO display or reading a book! In May we got kids and families to read 215 books & received dozens of unique LEGO builds! Stay tuned for photos!

Spring Break 2021 LEGO Build Challenge Recap:

LEGO Date/Time Description of the day's LEGO activities or challenges BPL LEGO Points to earn
To be determined Something fun! 0
To be determined Something imaginative!! 0
To be determined Something challenging!!! 0