Traffic Safety

Published: January 02, 2018

The Office Of Traffic Safety focuses on a specific section of traffic safety every month. For the month of January the focus is Intersection Safety.   
Although they seem like an easy-to-navigate, routine part of driving, don’t be fooled—intersections are dangerous. In Alberta, three of the top five most frequently identified improper driver actions for drivers in casualty collisions were intersection-related: making a left turn across the path of an on-coming vehicle, committing a stop sign violation, and disobeying a traffic signal (2015).
The Facts:
Ø  On average, 64 people are killed and 8,044 are injured each year in collisions at intersections in Alberta.
Ø  95.6 per cent of intersection-related collisions occurred at intersections in urban areas (2011-2015).
Ø  Some people think that driving in the city has more risk. Not necessarily — over half (53.7 per cent) of fatal intersection-related collisions happened in rural intersections during 2011-2015.
Ø  About 86 per cent of all collisions are attributable to driver error.
Ø  Slush, snow or ice was involved in 10.8 per cent of fatal collisions and 19.6 per cent of non-fatal injury collisions (2015).
This month we are focusing our education efforts on intersection safety through an online bulletin and tweets from @ABTransComm.
For more information or tools, please visit the following sites:  
·         Saferoads
·         Alberta Transportation  
·         Collision Statistics
· for up–to-date road information including traffic delays and construction.
Feel free to share any of our materials with your members, families and friends. Thank you in advance for your ongoing dedication and commitment to traffic safety in Alberta.