Rosemary Empey VA 2022 Winner

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Rosemary Empey  “Volunteer of the Year” Volunteer Appreciation 2022 Award

Ruth Bohn

Ruth Bohn is an avid cheerleader and supporter of local activities and organizations.  She demonstrates this through the many volunteer hours she gives to the community. Currently she is the Chair of the Barrhead Library Board, and long time member of both the Barrhead Arts Council and the Barrhead Rotary Music Festival committees.  She is professional, caring, inclusive and brings out the best in those working with her. Throughout the recent COVID pandemic, she worked diligently to guide the Library Board and staff through uncertain and uncharted territory, ensuring the Library remained a safe, viable and visible service in the community.

Over the years Ruth has been an active volunteer with many groups, both in the community and within her church. She was the "go-to" 4H public speaking judge for years, an early volunteer with the Alberta 55+ Games, has worked and continues to work casinos for various charity groups and is quick to sign up to assist with census-taking and working election polls.

Ruth believes whole-heartedly in our community's ability to shine. She readily lends her time and talents for events that showcase the best Barrhead has to offer. Well known and liked in the community she is equally well known to recruit friends and family to volunteer along side her, encouraging them to give their best for our community.  Her passion to "get the job done" makes her an excellent volunteer in any arena.  Barrhead is very fortunate to have volunteers like Ruth leading the way.

The Barrhead Library Board is pleased to nominate Ruth for the Rosemary Empey “Volunteer of the Year” Award. Well deserved, Ruth!