Hermans Hero VA 2022 Winner

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Hermans Hero Roll Call - Barrhead Volunteer Appreciation 2022

Florette Measures

I am honored to choose Florette Measures this years “Herman’s Hero” her name will be added to the Roll Call. 

I have known Florette Measures since 1981 when we worked together at the old nursing home.  We worked together for 10 great years!  Florette, was one of the best people I have worked with she was always so good with the residents, she had one pace, every step counted, it had a purpose.  

Florette worked fulltime; she always had time for her kids and the many 1000’s of hockey road trips, tournaments and endless packing of uniforms.  Florette would work all night then she would be at the United Church organizing and making funeral lunches with the wonderful United Church Ladies.  She was and still is an active volunteer, she helped with everything and everything else in between. 

Florette was always there to give her time to help people. She was with the United Church women for 15 years, very involved in hockey, baseball and coached T-ball. She worked for 54 years before she retired.  Florette has lived in Barrhead most of her life, attended school here and she and Charlie were married for 55 years. 

Florette, said “ All the bosses I  had were marvelous – I have great respect for all of them, they were so good to me”  she remembers being supplied with pink uniforms to wear at work, interviews in the morning called back to work in the afternoon, taking courses that were the foundation to the modern Health Care Aide today and of course the many wonderful people she came to know along the way….and Always have fun at work and enjoy what you do!

Nominated by Marion Bendrien