COVID-19 Procedures

Attention youth and parents: See our updated COVID-19 procedures that are in effect with the beginning of the school year. The Library cannot be used as a meet-up or hang-out location after school.

Dinner and Dialogue 2020

Published: September 22, 2020
Last Updated: October 07, 2020

Barrhead Cares is looking for teen feedback to host a series of virtual Dinner & Dialogue events this year! DEALINE EXTENDED!! Fill out the survey by October 18th, click here!

Make your voice heard in the community & get involved to make a difference!

Barrhead Cares is a coalition of agencies and volunteers from the Barrhead area. In the past Barrhead Cares organized such events as the 'Little Mounties', 'Fantastic Family Fun Festival', 'Make the Connection Night', 'Dinner & Dialogue and more! This year due to COVID-19, Barrhead Cares wants to host a series of Dinner & Dialogue events online to help youth connect with inspirational community members and local leaders. But they need your help...

Fill out the survey here to share with Barrhead Cares and make your voice heard. Then Barrhead Cares can stay in touch with you about any and all upcoming events. The next 70 teens as this update to respond to the survey will also receive a special treat!!

To learn more about Barrhead Cares click here!