As Alberta scales back to Stage One restrictions, we are once again offering curbside pick-up only during the hours of 12-5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and 12-4 pm on Saturdays. Please ring the doorbell to to pick up items or contact staff at (780) 674-8519 during these hours.

For details on all current recommendations and restrictions please read our guidelines HERE.

Covid 19 Health Concerns in the Library

Published: July 06, 2020
Last Updated: April 06, 2021


As announced by AHS, effective Wednesday, April 7th the library is once again only available for curbside pick-up from:
Monday-Friday 12pm-5:30pm
& Saturday 12pm-4pm

To pick-up items:
Step 1: Place your holds:
-Online at TRACpac
-By phone at 780-674-8519
-Through email at
-Using the TRACpac App (available in Apple Store & Google Play)

Step 2: Please ring the doorbell when you arrive at the library to pick up your items. THEN STEP BACK TO THE PILLARS.

Step 3: Library staff will place your items on the cart outside. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THEY HAVE CLOSED THE DOOR BEFORE MOVING FORWARD TO RETRIEVE YOUR ITEMS.

Step 4: Enjoy your items! A receipt with due date will be included with your items.


Due to the COVID-19 situation we have made the decision to put away the games and other activities that are normally available in the library. At this time we cannot permit children and youth to use the library as a place to hang-out. We realize that this will affect parents that use the library as a meetup location after school; we will reassess this decision as the restrictions continue to ease and the province provides further guidance.


The following measures are being taken to prevent an infection of COVID-19 here in the library; please help everyone stay healthy by following these rules.

  •  Face coverings are required inside the library at all times for anyone over the age of 3. If you do not have one please remain outside the library and ring the doorbell or call (780) 674-8519 and the staff will bring one to you before you enter.
  •  All children under 12 yrs of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and remain with that parent or guardian while inside the library.
  •  Upon entering the library, please present your library card. Have it ready before you enter. If you do not have a membership we will ask for your name and phone number. This information will be retained for contact tracing purposes only for a maximum of 14 days.
  •  If you do not have a library card and wish to obtain one, call us at 780-674-8519 and we will prepare one for you. 
  •  If you are returning books, the return slot is outside, to the left of the doors.

By entering the library you are stating that:

You are physically well and have NONE of the following symptoms described by Alberta Health as possible indicators of COVID 19:

     Fever          Chills          Cough         Shortness of Breath     Difficulty Breathing     Sore throat      Runny nose/ Nasal  congestion      

     Generally feeling unwell.                   

You and no one in your household has returned from travel outside of Canada in the past 14 days.

You and no one in your household has had close contact with someone currently ill with cough or fever or is currently being investigated or been confirmed as     having Covid-19.

You are willing to put a mask on when asked to.

We require all our visitors to over 3 to use a mask or face shield.  This is for your protection and ours.

We require all visitors to wash or sanitize hands when entering and exiting the building.

We require all visitors maintain a 2 metre distance from other visitors and from staff when possible.

We ask you to limit your stay to 30 minutes.

We require everyone in your party (a couple, parents with children) to stay together as you move through the Library.

We require you follow all directions posted throughout the Library.

We ask you to limit unnecessary touching of books, shelves, and other surfaces.

We thoroughly sanitize the library every evening after hours. As well we sanitize common touched and used surfaces as frequently as possible.

NOTE: Seating is limited and not encouraged.

NOTE: games, toys, computers, and electronics are not available at this time. 

We hope you enjoy your visit with us today!

Barrhead Library Board and Staff