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ABCD 2020

Published: August 28, 2020
Last Updated: September 11, 2020

We challenge YOU to make a display using LEGO® for ABCD2020!

Groups from all over Barrhead are producing videos we call, "In a Barrhead Minute", these videos share a glimpse of our local culture. Your challenge is to make a LEGO® MOC that:

  • Re-creates something you saw in a "Barrhead Minute" video.
  • Re-creates something you have seen at one of the "Barrhead Minute" video locations.
  • Share with us something that represents your culture!

Only rule? Keep your build smaller than 2ft x 2ft at its base. Once you have something to share with us, see below how you enter!!

Where are the "In a Barrhead Minute" videos? Why right here:

Keep checking back all through September, more videos will be added to the playlist all month!


Aaron learned of our LEGO® challenge and had to enter!! Check it out!

Need help getting inspired? We will be posting everyday of the contest on our Facebook page, LEGO® creations from LEGO® artists around the globe!

Get inspired with LEGO® MOCs themed around food!

Get inspired with LEGO® MOCs themed around patterns!

Get inspired with LEGO® MOCs themed around animals!

Get inspired with LEGO® MOCs themed around landmarks!

Get inspired with LEGO® MOCs themed around people!

Get inspired with LEGO® MOCs themed around Canada!

Then when all the entries are in we have a special event day planned! We will contact challenge entry participants with the details on how you can display your LEGO® build!

If for some reason you cannot see the challenge submission form below, visit it directly by clicking here. Or email your entry to with up to 6 images of your LEGO® creations, a description of what it's about, your age, and your name!!

We have gotten some interest in our ABCD LEGO® challenge from LEGO® enthusiasts far & wide.

To everyone; we will accept all entries because we want to see what anyone can create using LEGO®! We'll do our absolute best to supply prizes if you win. However we are a small rural library in Barrhead, Alberta, thus winning entries outside Alberta may have to be re-selected depending on shipping costs or we will send a digital coupon for LEGO® if available in your country.

Canada is a rich multi-cultural country, we would love to see expressions of any culture from all over the world. Please do send them in!
We will do our best to accommodate all entries, and thank you for your interest.