Barrhead Public Library is requiring all visitors and patrons to sanitize upon entry or leaving the library, wear facemasks at all times, and social distance from anyone outside your home group. Please, do not enter if you are feeling unwell or are unable to comply with these requirements. Contact us to use our curbside pick-up.

Hours are Mon-Wed. & Fri. 10am-5:30pm, Thur. 10am-7pm, and Sat. 12-4pm.

For details on all current recommendations and restrictions please read our guidelines HERE.

About Us

Welcome to the Barrhead Public Library!

The History of the Library

The Barrhead Library started as a community library in December of 1950 with a $200 donation from the estate of homesteader Jack McKerracher and additional government grants. Over the years the library has been moved to various locations, always within the school grounds. It has been housed in the corner of a school, in a one room and then a two room school and in the county office on the school grounds. It was then moved into the larger, specially designed setting where it is today. In 2010, the library celebrated 60 years of service to the Barrhead area community. Our library serves both the Town and County of Barrhead, as well as the school, and is unique in that it has always operated as a combined school and public facility.

A more detailed history of the Barrhead Public Library can be found in our 50th anniversary book ‘One of a Kind: the Story of the Barrhead Public and School Library.’ This title is available in our library collection. 

Library Policies

Information about our library's policies can be found in our Library Board Policy Manual.

Library Strategic Plan 2015-17

Please visit the Barrhead Public Library & Neerlandia Public Library Strategic Plans for 2015-2017.